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Tribal Goddess

Updated: May 8, 2020


Female - — years - 4’3” - 60 lbs

Shy, Fake Assertive, Leader, Good Luck Charm

Unsure of where she came from, To-To guides her tribe with good luck instincts and positive outlooks. Her tribe honors her and protects her from various enemies.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: To-To Feather

Nickname: To-To / Totem / Poncho

Looks: Long Braided Green Hair / Animal Features (Horns, Ears, Tail, Scales)

Casual Attire: Poncho-Cape / Feathers in Hair / Baggy Pants / Light Footwear / Crop Top / Lots of Rope Textures / Looks 8-10 years old

Sleeping Attire: Simple, Long Sleeve Top / Blanket Cape

Jewelry: Lots of Bracelets

Best Feature: Good Luck Streaks

Living Area: Earth / Dessert-Plains / Hut

Most Prized Possession: Hand-sewn Poncho-Cape

Found-Familial Questions

Family: Thoughtful / Caring / Peaceful / Rough-House at times

Siblings: 3 Brothers / 4 Sisters

Family Background: As a tribe, they all act as one big family, no designated mother’s or father’s, everyone is on equal footing with one another once they reach a certain age. To-To is treated with much more respect as they believe she is their savior/goddess. She does not believe she is a savior, but does her best to please them.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Traveling the dessert alone / Sandstorm

Favorite Toy: Hand-Sewn Stuffed Animal

Favorite Game: Drawing pictures in the dirt

Best Friend Growing up: Tribal Kids around her

Fondest Childhood Memory: Snuggling with her family to keep warm

Worst Childhood Memory: Wolf pack attacking their tribe

Adolescent Questions

View of Authority: Respects each member of Tribe and rules

Idol: Elder Leader / Idolizes their intelligence and pure heart

Occupational Questions

Job: Lead Group

Job Background: Everyone in the tribe is assigned a task to help the group function and survive. Each job is to help support each other, there is no money involved.

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Sew / Sharpen Horns / Braid Hair

Music: The natural music from the earth

Annoyances: Crows

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Fresh Water / Glittering streams

Favorite Time of Day: Dawn Morning / Midnight

Weather: All Types

Food: Love: Veggies & Grass / Hate: Meat, but will force self to eat

Drinks: Loves: Water

Favorite Totem Animal: Buffalo

Pets: 2 Dogs (faithful & protective)

Relaxing Activities: Napping

Bad Habit: Kicking in Sleep (really hard)

Embarrassing Things: Doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time, good-luck instincts just happens to work things out.

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Their Appearance - Animal Features, wants to be normal so she doesn’t stand out or is treated differently

Morality Questions

Scared Of: Scorpions / Outsiders / Blood

What makes them Cry: Family members hurt

Thoughts About Future: Hopeful to find meaning

Responsibility To The World: Unsure / But has feeling something is in store

Religion: Sun & Moon Goddess - Tiny Offerings

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Lead family to better things

Long-Term Goal: Find out why she is here

Any Other Background Information:

To-To was found by a traveling tribe. They honored her as a Goddess for her animalistic features, as a sign from the heavens. She guides them with good luck instincts.

Her tribe stitched together a hoodie/cape to cover her features from other tribes, not to keep her for themselves, but rather to protect her from other tribes mistaking her for a demon/monster.

To-To can’t recall time before the tribe found her, but she is happy to have found a caring and supportive family.

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