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Snooty Prince


Male - 18 years - 5’5” - 130 lbs

Abrupt, Dignified, Outspoken, Short Tempered

A short tempered and stuck up prince that doesn’t enjoy partaking in royal decisions. He enjoys talking about his brilliant kingdom, but hates being bothered with ridiculous requests.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Mekhi Eze

Looks: Shorter, Pale Skin, Silver Messy Hair, Blue Eyes

Casual Attire: Button Up Black Long Sleeve, Black Pants, Black Shoes

Dress Up Attire: Long Black Cape, Button Up Black Long Sleeve, Black Pants, Black Pump Shoes

Sleeping Attire: Matching Black Set of Long Sleeve and Pants Pajamas

Jewelry: Diamond Stud Earrings, Silver Rings, Hidden Necklace (Parents Picture in Locket)

Best Feature: Looks

Birthdate: March 23rd, Aries

Living Area: Castle

Transportation: Horse Carriage

Most Prized Possession: His Necklace

Familial Questions

Family: Royal-decent family, Mother and Father deceased, No close relatives. Personal guard is old family friend from war days.

Family Background: Royal family has ruled the kingdoms each generation, Mekhi’s father and mother were great rulers. People adored them and they were well loved. Once they both deceased, their son, Mekhi took over and people tried giving him a chance, but soon realized how inadequate he was. His child like attitude and disregard for regular responsibility for the kingdom, people protested him. Mekhi’s personal guard is a trustworthy friend that fought the old war with his father. He looks after Mekhi and tries his best to help out whenever he can.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Sitting on his parents laps admiring them deciding important decisions.

Favorite Toy: Toy Sword and Shield

Important Childhood People: His parents. Supported him through hard times and scolded him for looking down on people.

Best Friend Growing up: His personal guard.

Fondest Childhood Memory: His personal guard playing games with him, pretending to be knights and defending the towns people.

Worst Childhood Memory: Constant denial from kids wanting to be his friend. Usually he was shunned away to do his exaggerated ego and constant stuck up seeming attitude.

Adolescent Questions

First Date: With self-centered girl, at a park / tried to connect, really liked her, she just liked his luxurious lifestyle.

View of Authority: Followed every rule from parents, ignored any other rule.

School Background: Was taught by private tutors.

School Goals: Excel in every subject

Idol: His Dad

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Lounging on Throne / Reading / Snacking

Closest Friend: Personal Guard

Worst Enemy: Bordering Enemy Kingdom Rivals

Music: Classical

Books: History / Laws

Annoyances: People asking favors / People Talking

Perfect Gift: Something owned from his parents

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Old Family Pictures

Favorite Time of Day: Night, Peaceful to them

Food: Enjoys: Fine Meats / Pretend Dislikes: Bizarre Foods (secretly loves them)

Drinks: Enjoys: Fine Wines / Dislikes: “Cheap” Drinks

Animals: Birds

Relaxing Activities: Lounging on Throne, Reading Books

Embarrassing Things: Admitting they’re Wrong / Liking Peasant Things

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Attitude / Peasantry Likes (food mostly)

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Straight, Single, Virgin

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Pretends to not be a romantic type, but wishes to one day find his true love. He plans on having kids and being married.

Past Relationships: Casual hookups, unfortunately nothing serious. He is constantly being used due for his royal status and wealth. He is extremely picky.

Morality Questions

Regret: He regrets not listening and understanding royal decisions that were made from his parents before, and how to properly handle affairs and deal with the magnitude of stress.

Most Proud Of: His royal bloodline. His royal kingdom.

Personal Fights: He wishes he could have done something to help his parents from passing.

Scared Of: Losing his kingdom.

What makes them Cry: Not being good enough.

Thoughts About Future: He will rise and create the most powerful kingdom. He will rule all the land by taking over other kingdoms and dominating.

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Deal with the annoying peasants issues.

Long-Term Goal: Take over the land and dominate other kingdoms.

Any Other Background Information:

Mekhi was always a bit of a brat as a kid, but once his parents passed away, he became a bit colder. Not being able to process his feelings, he lashes out at everyone. He becomes irritable easily and hates discussing royal matters of any sort.


Story Background: Mekhi, the royal prince, has grown up with everything given to him. No one denies him, disagrees, or stands up to him, mostly due to his short temper. He spends his days lounging on his throne, and when he has to deal with insubordinates, his temper gets the best of him. His personal guard helps delegate issues as they come, but Mekhi usually makes it worse.

Due to him being a lousy royal blood, his advisor and guards secretly kidnap him and his personal guard and toss him in a far away land with no inhabitants. They assume since he’s completely incompetent on his own, he will perish within the environment and climate within days. They plan on ruling the land by soaking up all the money and letting the poorest die off.

Unfortunately, for the royal advisor and guards, an adventurous peasant girl that explores the area, discovers Mekhi and his guard and brings them to her village. The prince is completely repulsed by their dirty village and barbaric ways. He demands to get back home immediately, but no one, but one girl who travels the area, knows how to get back. So, he and his guard are forced to travel alongside her back home.

The girl (backstory to be made) wears a long cape with a mask to cover herself. She suffers a rare skin condition, vitiligo. She is extremely self-conscious about it and never exposes herself.

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