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Protective Brother


Male - 19 years - 6’1” - 160 lbs

Protective, Artistic, Selfless, Complex, Split-Personality

An older brother that cares deeply for his younger sister. But, what happens when his personality changes, and he can’t control it?..

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Louie Brown

Nickname: Big Brother

Looks: Dark Hair / Half Buzzed & Half Long / Gauges / Pale / Red Eyes / Tattoos / Upper Body Toned / Lots of Scars

Casual Attire: Skinny Jeans / Loose Band Tank-Top / Wristbands

Dress Up Attire: Long Sleeve Button-Up / Dark Pants / Sleek Shoes / Colorful Tie

Dress Down Attire: Jeans / Stained Shirts

Sleeping Attire: Loose Tank / Loose PJ Pants

Best Feature: Caring Personality

Birthdate: July 18, Cancer

Living Area: Earth / US / MA / Small Apartment

Car/Transportation: Rust Bucket Car / Verge of Dying

Most Prized Possession: Sister / Tattoo Gun

Familial Questions

Family: Father & Mother died / Abusive & Drug Addicts

Siblings: Younger Sister / Hannah Brown / 8 yrs old / Innocent, shy, friendly / Long Blonde, Curly Hair / Dresses & Skirts / Likes Barrettes & Stickers

Close Relatives: Doesn’t know any of family other than parents

Family Background: For years, Louie was abused by his parents. When he finds his sister becoming abused to the same torture he had gone through, he snaps.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Getting smacked by parents

Favorite Toy: Gamebox (similar to Gameboy)

Favorite Game: Gamebox Classics

Best Friend Growing up: Louie didn’t have any friends / Too embarrassed to invite others over

Worst Childhood Memory: Hit in the face with chair for crying

Adolescent Questions

First Date: 8 Yrs / Baseball Field / Fingering Girl

View of Authority: Didn’t care much for authority

High School Background: Rebel / Got into Fights / Emo Group

High School Goals: Not Drop Out / Try to Draw instead of Fight

Idol: Emo-Rock Band Singers

Favorite Memory: When his sister was born (11 yrs), he felt he had a purpose. He felt like he could have someone to take care, to talk to, and to play with!

Worst Memory: Losing it on his sister - Shoving crayons in her mouth

More Info: Growing up Louie and Hannah grew very close. He consistently took her places and tried his best to get her things. He wanted nothing more, but to make her happy, and try to spoil her.

Occupational Questions

Job: Punk Clothing Store

Boss: Lenient / Frugal / Short-Temper

Co-Workers: Lax / Irresponsible / Young

Spends Money On: His Sister / Bills

Likes & Dislikes Questions


Closest Friend: Tyler Chambers - Gloomy / Introvert / Musical

Worst Enemy: Himself / He hates himself

Music: Metal / Rock / Rap /Screamo

TV: Documentaries

Hang Out Spots: Downtown / Tattoo Parlors

Annoyances: OCD misplacement objects

Perfect Gift: Household Necessities

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: His sister smiling

Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon/Night

Weather: Sunny & Warm

Food: Love - Tacos / Hate - Cauliflower

Drinks: Energy Drinks

Relaxing Activities: Doodling / Watching shows with Hannah

Embarrassing Things: He enjoys the shows Hannah watches

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Impulsiveness

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Straight / Single / Experienced

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Doesn’t want to get married or have kids

Past Relationships: Just girls and flings that never went anywhere serious

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Smokes Cigarettes & Pot / Drinks

Past with Drugs & Alcohol: Used to do lots of drugs when younger / weaned off

Morality Questions

Regret: Lashing out at his sister / Split-Personality moment

Most Proud Of: His tattoo artworks

Personal Fights: Thinking he’s nothing / Grew up believing it.

Scared Of: His personality disorder lashing out at Hannah

What makes them Cry: Hurting his lil sister himself

Thoughts About Future: It can only get better from rock bottom

Responsibility To The World: To sustain a good life for his sister

Religion: None

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Make money to live good with his sister / make lots of artwork

Long-Term Goal: Get a job in the tattoo industry

Any Other Background Information:

Louie and his sister live in a one bedroom apartment. His sister gets the bedroom while he sleeps on the couch.

From family genetics, along with abuse and narcotics around him during his adolescent years, Louie has a split-personality. He becomes a bit like his parents at times and loses his temper and morality. When he has these moments, he becomes very aggressive and ill-mannered. He is worried about acting out around his sister with these actions and possibly harming her fatally.

Short Backstory:

After a late shift at work, Louie comes home to his younger sister crying. He finds his parents abusing her and does his best to help her. While defending his sister, he kills his father by stabbing him. The mother reacting to the situation, slits her own throat not wanting to deal with the consequences or needing to take care of them anymore.

After the police deal with the situation, Louie is guaranteed full custody over his sister. After the custody agreement, Louie gets another job and new household for the two to live together.

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