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Pacifist Gangster

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Male - 37 years - 6’8” - 300 lbs - German

Pacifist, Gentle, Shy, Strong, Fraudulent, Loyal

@ seiji jo the initial character idea creator.

After years of meaningless kills and torture to others, Milo has changed his ways and fakes his intimidations to continue getting things for his gang.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Milo Haas

Nickname: Milo

Looks: Big & Round (Thick Muscles) / Wears Dark Outfits / Bald / Scary Face

Casual Attire (Dress Up/Dress Down Attire): Dark Suit Outfits / Brass Knuckles / Diamond Studs / Watch

Sleeping Attire: Bunny PJ’s Top/Bottoms

Jewelry: Diamond Stud Earrings & Cuff Links (small bunny design in them)

Best Feature: His gentle personality

Birthdate: September 9th, Virgo

Living Area: City Apartment / Small & Cozy / Tiny Outside Deck

Car/Transportation: Black Fiat Car (Barely fits inside)

Most Prized Possession: His Bunny Buddy

Familial Questions

Family: No Family / Was forced to leave when younger

Family Background: Him and his family had a strong connection, he left so they wouldn't be dragged into his brutal business.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Punching his first kid

Favorite Toy: Baseball Bat

Favorite Game: Break as Many Mailboxes as Possible

Important Childhood People: His Mother (Caring and taught him how to cook)

Best Friend Growing up: Ronny L - smashed things together

Fondest Childhood Memories: Helping his mother cook dinners

Worst Childhood Memory: Being jumped and having bones broken

Adolescent Questions

View of Authority: Doesn’t care about societies rules / Follows parents rules though

High School Background: High Grades / Aggressive Crowd

High School Goals: Pass Grades for parents respect / Become biggest threat to other students - earn most respect

Idol: Ai Capone / Frank Castello / Johnny Torrio

Favorite Memory: Beating group of kids by himself

Worst Memory: Getting scolded for getting less than perfect grades

Occupational Questions

Job: Gangster Leader

Smuggles narcotics / illegal items / some cute bunny objects on the side

Spends Money On: Bunny Treats / Presents for Gang

Due to Milo’s past reputation no one questions his authority. He hasn’t done any “physical” work in awhile, but is respected enough as a leader member that he doesn’t have to. Milo tries to take the least violent way possible and encourages others to do so as well.

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Napping with Bunny / Meditating / Looking online for cute figurines

Closest Friend: Bunny

Worst Enemy: Opposing Gang Members

Music: Rap / J-Pop (secretly)

TV: Cartoons / Reality TV Shows

Hang Out Spots: Home

Annoyances: Yelling / Tight Clothes / Ignorant People

Perfect Gift: Bunny Figurines

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Bunny Flopping Over (sleepy)

Favorite Time of Day: Dawn & Dusk

Weather: Sunny

Food: Loves: Grilled Veggies / Hates: Fish

Drinks: Loves: Kale Juice & Coffee / Hates: Beer (will drink around guys though)

Animals: Bunnies & Kitties

Relaxing Activities: Napping & Meditating

Embarrassing Things: His cute collections & emotions

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: His past violent actions

If They Could Look Like Anyone/thing Else: An Abercrombie Model

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Sexual Orientation: Straight / Single / Has had past relationships

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Hopes to get Married and have a few kids in the future

Past Relationships: Few One Night Stands / Prostitutes / A couple serious ones

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Has done lots of drugs in the past.

Drinks whenever boys want to go out.

Morality Questions

Regret: Killing & torturing lots of innocent people in the past

Most Proud Of: Making his bunny friend. Only close relationship he’s ever felt truly connected.

Personal Fights: Mentally drained from hiding true self

Scared Of: Bunny getting harmed

What makes them Cry: People getting hurt (cries on inside)

Thoughts About Future: Wants to eventually move to a deserted island and spend retirement there with his bunny buddy.

Responsibility To The World: Help make it a peaceful place

Religion: A bit of Buddhism

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Make his gang more peaceful.

Long-Term Goal: Wants to retire on a deserted island with his bunny buddy.

Any Other Background Information:

Milo became a pacifist after being beat up and thrown into a nearby forest. There in the forest he met a very scared and hurt rabbit. The rabbit was skittish around him, but stayed by his side. After laying a while in the forest from the obscene amount of pain, the rabbit tried sharing his food with Milo. Milo’s thoughts changed a bit that day and he was growing tired of all the pain and suffering he caused. He officially decided he would be a pacifist as he protected the rabbit from the other predator animals.

From that day, him and his rabbit buddy go everywhere together. His group was skeptical at first, but his glare deters their doubts immediately.

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