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My Reaper (TERA)


Female - — years - 4’6” - 80 lbs

Playful / Outgoing / Naive

A happy, naive reaper with a dark power deep inside.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Renee.Reaps

Looks: Pink Hair w Curls at End / Bunny Ears & Tail / White X’s on Cheeks / Blue Eyes / Elin - Small Figure, Big Hips / Pale Skin

Casual Attire: Blue Frill Maid Attire

Dress Up Attire: Dark Armor Outfit

Sleeping Attire: Blue Lingerie

Best Feature: Her trusting personality

Living Area: TERA World / Pora Elinu

Transportation: Riding - Horseback / Flying - Dragon Shuttle

Most Prized Possession: Scythes

Familial Questions

Family: Royal Reaper Family / In charge of reapers & Pora Elinu

Mother (Queen) - Elin / Responsible, Strict - Queens hold the most power, not Kings

Father - Castanic / Sweet, Caring

Family Background: Royal blood has ruled over the land for years. Renee’s mother and father are preparing Renee to take over the land, though Renee has a long way to go with her trusting and naive self.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Watching people practicing attacks with their scythes

Favorite Toy: Wooden Toy Scythes

Favorite Game: Slice and Dice (Tag but with Scythes)

Best Friend Growing up: Hannie (parents advisors daughter)

Personality: Sweet / Loveable / Clumsy

Looks: Blue Hair / Red Eyes / Cat Ears & Tail / Elin

Renee grew up with her and they bonded closely over the years. Renee calls Hannie Pockii since she’s always munching on pocky.

Fondest Childhood Memory: Receiving her Scythes

Worst Childhood Memory: When practicing attack moves with Hannie and hurting her.

Adolescent Questions

First Date: None / Lots of close friends

View of Authority: Respected and followed rules

School Background: Excelled in attacking combos, and learning classes, but lacks common sense

Favorite Memory: Learning a super skilled combo attack after lots of practice

Worst Memory: Getting to into combo attacks while practicing with other teammates - Letting her power get the best of her

Occupational Questions

In Pora Elinu, everyone helps out the community by pitching in and performing duties. Duties are designated by what individuals prefer, though if there is a duty no one wants to do, it becomes a raffle, and the individual is chosen at random.

Job: Defeating nearby monsters (BAMS)

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Exploring / Practicing / Napping

Closest Friend: Hannie

Music: All kinds - techno / classical / metal / etc

Hang Out Spots: Her practice spot / Her room - lounging hammock

Annoyances: Hatred

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: A shiny pair of scythes / Happy Personality

Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning

Weather: Sunny

Food: Loves: Cotton Candy & Carrots / Hates: Rutabagas

Drinks: Loves: Water / Hates: Bubbly Drinks

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Straight / Single / Virgin

Perfect Romantic Date/ Fantasy: Frolicking in the “Field of Lights” at night and enjoying the fireflies flying around.

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Plans on getting married one day / wants lots of kids

Past Relationships: None

Drug & Alcohol Questions

No Drugs / No Booze in Pora Elinu

One drink exists that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, not drunk though

Morality Questions

Most Proud Of: Her scythe talent

Personal Fights: Controlling her internal power hungry self / Not being a natural born leader like her mother

Scared Of: Letting her kingdom fall / Loosing her scythes

What makes them Cry: Thinking seriously about hard personal topics

Thoughts About Future: Frightened - Taking over the Kingdom / Hopeful Though

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Protect her kingdom from monsters / keep improving

Long-Term Goal: Rule over Kingdom / Grow with it / Keep the community happy

Story Background Idea:

Due to the Reapers Kingdom under severe war, the royal advisors decided to enchant their princess under an amnesia spell and place in her in a protected, magical forest. Due to their kingdom being taken over, they wanted to keep their next heir safe until the war had ended. They also anticipated the princess would want to help in the fight to help defend, so they had no choice.

Traveling through the woods, a party finds the princess resting in the forest. They cautiously approach her, due to reapers having a bad reputation for being blood thirsty monsters. After realizing she’s somewhat of a naive idiot, they decide to let her join their group and venture around.

Party consists of lancer (Elin), priest (Popori), and sorcerer (Castanic).

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