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Mischievous Grannies

Updated: Dec 23, 2019


Female Twins - 72 years - 5’3” - 180 lbs

Mischievous, Jokers, Uncaring, Loyal (to one another)

Older twin grannies that love to cause havoc and live by the term “YOLO.”

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Abigail Burnham / Lillian Burnham

Nickname: Abi & Lil

Looks: White Puffy Hair / Saggy Skin w Sun Damaged Texture / Faded Tattoos

Casual Attire: Big Cardigan / Floral Print Dress / Flats / 1920’s Makeup / Push-Up Bra / Walker w Pink Tennis Balls / Glasses

Dress Up Attire: Animal Print Bodycon Dress

Sleeping Attire: Long Night Gown

Jewelry: Pearl Necklaces / Long Earrings

Best Feature: Adventurous Attitude

Birthdate: November 3rd, Scorpio

Living Area: Earth / US / Louisiana / 1 Bedroom Apt / King Bed

Car/Transportation: Yellow Punch-Buggy Volkswagen / License - DTFSLUTS

Most Prized Possession: Best Friend Promise Rings (from childhood)

Familial Questions

Family: Loving and caring family overall / Father: Clown / Mother: Drama Queen / Marriage: Unstable, but lasted til they passed - True Love

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Coloring the walls with marker with each other

Favorite Toy: Personalized Barbie Dolls (chopped up)

Favorite Game: Trick the Teachers (fill in for one another)

Best Friend Growing up: Each other

Fondest Childhood Memory: Beating up a kid for talking badly about them

Worst Childhood Memory: Getting hot sauce in their eyes

Adolescent Questions

First Date: They went on double date / sabotaged their dates by continually switching to see if they would be able to tell one another apart.

View of Authority: They know there are laws, but they don’t care too much about following them.

High School Background: They were the outcasts and bullies, no one messed with them / skipped school a lot / got detention quiet a bit

High School Goals: Get past it as soon as possible, even if that means cheating

Occupational Questions

Retired / Living on Retirement Funds & Medicare

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Writing Graffiti / Knitting / Smuggling Drugs

Worst Enemy: Suzy Brown. Real Bitch.

Music: Rock & Roll

TV: Golden Girls

Food: Love: Watermelon & Prunes / Hate: Tuna

Drinks: Straight Gin

Annoyances: People that don’t shut up / Cops / Good Kids

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Sexual Orientation: Both Straight

Relationship Status: Single & Ready to Mingle

Virginity: Had lots of experience / Diseases galore

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: No children / past marriages didn’t work out

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Drinks / Drugs: Drink Everyday / Drugs on Occassion

Past with Drugs & Alcohol: First started drinking when 12 / Drank and did drugs whenever from there

Morality Questions

Regret: Nothing. They live for the moment. No regrets.

Most Proud Of: Trying XTC with a group of cops

Redemption: Might be possible / but only with a lot of begging and pleading

Bad Habits: Swinging breasts back and forth when bored

Scared of: Old Men / Cats / Cat People / Babies / Bees

Wrong with people: Everyone’s just too much of pansies / speak up

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Live It Up / YOLO

Long-Term Goal: No thoughts on a future / Not much more time

Any Other Background Information:

After their midlife crisis, the two twins decided to spend each and everyday living it up and not caring about their future. They were never really “straight-edge” but wanted an excuse to really lash out and not care about consequences.

The twins don’t have many differences, and are essentially the same person, they love it though - Double the Fun.

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