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Homeless Joe


Male - 42 years - 5’9” - 150 lbs

Alcoholic, Very Intelligent, Clumsy, Prideful

A talented musician who moved to LA to make it big, but wound up with a a taste for liquor and the open road.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Joe Smackerstein

Nickname: Homeless Joe

Looks: Greasy Flyaway Hair / Big Nose / Green Eyes / Tan w White Outlines / Limps

Casual Attire: Print Tee / Ragged Pants / Beanie Hat / Duct Tape Shoes / Torn Overcoat

Jewelry: Fake Earring Studs

Best Feature: His Musical Talent

Birthdate: November 26th, Sagittarius

Living Area: Earth / US / Skid Row, CA

Most Prized Possession: Old, Lucky Guitar

No car / No job / cut off communication with his family / no money / no responsibility

Familial Questions

Family: Very Supportive, Generous and Caring - Always supported their children dreams and ambitions.

Father: Nice / Little stern Mother: Giving / Appreciative

Siblings: George - Older Brother - Wealthy / Demanding / Power Hungry

Family Background: Growing up, Joe’s older brother was always very lucky, fortunate and talented. Joe looked up to him and was always spat on by him. His parents supported both of them equally, but Joe always felt his older brother was more supreme and better than him.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Feeling proud about an accomplishment - Goal for soccer

Favorite Toy: Harmonica

Favorite Game: Playing School Sports

Important Childhood People: His Brother

Best Friend Growing up: Johnny - Encouraging School Buddy - Clumsy / Helpful / Shy

Fondest Childhood Memory: A talent show / Performing for the first time on his fake mini-guitar / Pretty bad solo - but energetic and fun

Worst Childhood Memory: Being downsized by his brother / His brother telling him off about how pathetic he is and how he’ll never make it big

Adolescent Questions

First Date: High School Love / Went to Movies / Kissed

View of Authority: Followed Rules /

High School Background: Popular and Talented / Music Club

High School Goals: Graduate with high grades to get scholarship to university

Idol: His older brother

Favorite Memory: Performing Solo at concert with school

Worst Memory: Breaking up with his high school sweetheart / She wanted to move over seas for studies.

Occupational Questions


Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Finding Bottles / Playing Guitar

Closest Friend: Bob / Homeless Buddy - Judgmental / Excitable / Stubborn

Worst Enemy: Older Brother George / More like Rival - Doesn’t hate his brother

Music: Jazz / Country

Books: Music Books / Biographies

TV: Documentaries / Live Concerts / Music Channels

Hang Out Spots: Open Park / Local Bakery (Nom-Noms) - Receives free treats that are “old”

Annoyances: People with No Rhythm / Glass

Perfect Gift: New Guitar Strings

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: An Opportunity

Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon

Weather: Sunny / Clear

Food: Loves: MEAT! / Hates: Spoiled Foods

Drinks: Loves: Any type of Booze / Favorite: Straight Gin

Animals: Loves Dogs

Relaxing Activities: Tuning Guitar / Practicing new tunes

Embarrassing Things: His Homelessness / Not a Super Star Yet

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Single / Bisexual / Not a Virgin

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Thought he’d be married by now and have kids with a big house, but plans didn’t happen.

Past Relationships: Casual Hookups with other Homeless People

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Drugs: Indulges occasionally / Alcohol: Drinks Daily

Past with Drugs & Alcohol: Sober for childhood until he came to CA / The taste grew on him and he became more and more depressed

Morality Questions

Most Proud Of: Moving to CA and trying to make his dream happen

Personal Fights: Being exactly what his brother said - Worthless and never be as good as him

Scared Of: Never making it big

What makes them Cry: Disappointing their family

Thoughts About Future: He is still going to make it!

Responsibility To The World: Give them beautiful music to lift their spirits

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Find any and all opportunities to show skills

Long-Term Goal: Make it as a big star and be bigger than his brother

Any Other Background Information:

When he was 18, he was going to make it big in the city and be a famous music musician by playing his guitar and wining the love of everyone. He strived to become rich and famous since he felt he had to live up to his older brother. His plan back-fired and he wound up homeless and on the streets. He is too ashamed to go back to his family, he has lots of pride for being homeless.

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