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Gas Mask Girl

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Female - Age: 16 - 5’5” 130 lbs.

outgoing, selfish, friendly, protective

An outgoing girl that suffered through an accident that left her fearful without her gas mask.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Rachel Turbinson

Nickname: Raye Raye

Looks: tan, heavy gyaru makeup, colorful hair (usually always changing), pigtails sticking out, skinny, black eyes, burn scar on cheek from accident

Fashion: jeans / crop tops / hoodies / gasmask / big shoes

GasMask: bright pink with cute stickers

Dress Up: simple dress with cardigan and small pumps

Dress Down: sweatpants / tank tops

Best feature: outgoing personality

Unique Thing: Always wears her gas mask since her past accident (death with her sister)

Birthday: June 22, Cancer

Car: No driver's license yet

Live: Earth / U.S. / Florida - Home with lots of land

The accident: A gas explosion went off and caused a fire in Raye's old home. Raye and her sister were trapped in a room with the carbon building up, making it unbearable to breathe. Raye picked up their toy mask and covered her mouth. She watched her sister slowly die. She wanted to help, but couldn't, she didn't want to die. As her sister passed out, her body began burning within the fire. A firefighter saves Raye. From that accident on, Raye wears a mask and brings it with her wherever she goes. She feels it comforts her and gives her something nothing else can.

Familial Questions:

Family: Family loves her very much, and supported her after her sister's death. They are not aware that Raye watched her sister burn.

Siblings: Only her deceased step-sister. They were the same age and best friends.

Marriage: Her mother married her step father. Happy marriage.

Father: Joking Ass, always lightens the moods with humor.

Mom: Shy & Caring, doesn’t do things out of the box.

Childhood Questions

First memory: Meeting her sister for the first time and how well they connected.

Favorite Toy: The barbie doll her sister gave her.

Favorite game: Hide-and-Seek, Raye Raye was the best hider

Special person from childhood: Her counselor

Fondest childhood memory: sneaking into the kitchen at night to eat the cookie dough with her sister.

Worst Memory: Sister dying / Her witnessing it

Adolescent Questions

First Date: 12 years old, pizza parlor, parents were there to supervise, lame.

Authority: Matters to Raye Raye for society to function properly, but sneaking around it doesn’t always result in negative outcomes.

High School: Little bit of an outcast, but made some close friends.

Goals: Just get by so she can get into college to get some job.

Idol: Always idolized punk rock girls, but also loved the beauty aspect of barbie.

Favorite Memory: Making friends that accept her and stand up for her.

Worst Memory: Bullies & bitches threatening to take off her gas mask.

Occupational Questions

Unemployed / No Money / No Responsibilities / High Schooler

Likes & Dislikes

Hobbies: Doing makeup / Exploring the Outdoors / Coloring Hair / Shopping

Closest Friend: Rose Salvatore. Girl / Long Black Hair / Pale - shy, friendly, curious -

Rose and Raye Raye get along very well, being polar opposites.

Worst Enemy: Joanna Levesque. Female - short blonde hair- popular, mean, antagonizer - Joanna always makes fun of Raye Raye’s mask and always tries to take it and burn it.

Music: Everything. Favorite - jpop, metal, club, techno, dubstep

TV: Loves watching cartoons

Favorite Places to hangout: Woods

Annoyances: Bitches / Cats / Business People

Perfect Gift: Her sister coming back

Most beautiful thing: Her Gasmask.

Favorite time of day: Afternoon

Favorite Weather: Rainbows = Sunny with rain

Food: Favorite - Waffles, Hate - Anchovies

Favorite Drink: Fruit Punch

Animals: One dog (Shib Inu) - Roofus

Activities to relax self: Napping / Exploring the Woods

Embarrassing things: Her little muffin top / her split ends / crying in public

What she doesn’t like about herself: How selfish she is

Look like: She wishes she could look like a perfect barbie doll

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Bisexual / Virgin / Single

Marriage: Plans on getting married someday. Not sure about kids.

Recent Relationship: Punk Guy, Dev Baxter, cared more about his hair than her, so she dumped him.

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Drinks once in awhile. Has done some drugs, not an addict.

Drinks vodka when she parties with friends / tried XTC & Pot

No consequences, only does it when she has a sleepover with her friends on the weekend.

Morality Questions

Past Shame: She is ashamed that she “killed” her own sister. She feels deeply regretful about it.

Proud Past: Made a pretty tree fort for her and her sister.

Physical Fights: A few fights when she was younger (around the time her sister died)

Future Thoughts: She pretends to feel strongly about her future, but really lives for each day and doesn’t know what she wants. She feels a little pessimistic about her future.

Feelings that disturb: Her selfishness

Religion: Doesn’t believe in anything. Atheist.

Worst thing to do to someone: take their most prized possession.


Redemption: She doesn’t think second chances are possible.

Crying: Raye Raye cries every night from her night terrors. (Regular thing and she thinks nothing of it.)

Miscellaneous Questions

Frightens Her: Her sister coming back and blaming her for everything. Terrified. She knows it’s her fault, but she doesn’t want her sister to think badly of her.

Worst Injury: Broken Foot.

Ticklish: Very Ticklish

Long-Term Goal: She is unsure

Short-Term Goal: Graduate High School & go to college

Bad Habits: Wearing her gas mask and bringing it everywhere with her

Privacy: She’s private about her sister situation, but everything else she’s very open about

Money: If she had tons of money she would buy tons of hair dyes and makeups

Wish: If she got a wish from a genie she would wish her memories would fade away

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