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Fashionista Alien

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Unknown Sex - Age: 3000 - 5’9” - 130 lbs.

glamorous, fashionable, outrageous, social

Etsii is an extraterrestrial fashionista that travels to Earth to give it a makeover.

Etsii’s Alien Race special feature: The body cloaks itself to form a similar appearance of the dominant species of the planet it is exhibiting on. For example, on Earth, Etsii would take on a human appearance.

Personal Questions

Birth name: Etsu Dublorg 3460008

Nickname: Etsii

Race: Alien / Sumululorg Galaxy

Looks: (Need to Play with) White Skin / Pale Blue Hair / Green pouty lips / gold eyes / fairly long and lanky / big hips / elf ears / integrated facial jewels

Fashion: Top of design outfits and brands everyday (lots of variations)

Lives: Sumululorg Galaxy

About Planet: In the Sumululorg Galaxy, Etsii lives on a planet called Kalju. The meaning for this planet is “rock.” The planet Kalju is a very bland planet, now that has very few “flashy” materials. Deep within the planet are very valuable crystals that dissolve slowly by flaking very few specks up the soil to the surface. The culture of this planet has been to cover the flashy specks up and ignore the crystals all together. In the past, their community was consumed with greed and vanity by the sparkles and tore their alliances apart. After the downfall of “unlimited crystals,” they now forbid themselves from caring about their appearance or anything that makes them stand out.

Familial Questions

Etsii’s family banned Etsii from their planet until Etsii is over its “vanity phase.” Fashion and a sense of vanity is highly looked down upon on their planet.

Father: High Class / Powerful / Greedy

Mother: Busy / Ignorant / Calm

Siblings: 36 Siblings

Worst Family Memory: Siblings destroyed creations of Etsii’s fashion ideas project.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Seeing the sparkles of mother’s facial jewels which gleamed like the stars

Favorite Toy: Dress-Up Toy Rock

Favorite Game: Playing “Fashion Runway” with multiple toy rocks

Grandparents still relive the old ways and encourage Etsii to pursue their dreams.

Best friend: Kaljuju (Toy Rock)

Fondest Childhood Memory: Drawing up hundreds of ideas of its fashion ideas for one big project.

Worst Memory: Mother making Etsii’s siblings rip up all of Etsii’s fashion ideas before the Dad would know.

Adolescent Questions

1st Date: Galactic smoothie shack, 15 years old.

Authority: Ignores forbidden voodoo on planet

High School: Was outcast and bullied a lot for fashion ideas

High School goals: Pass school and get out asap

Idol: An extravagant human, unnamed. Magazine image found.

Occupational Questions

Employed: Not employed on Planet / Looking for fashion job on Earth

Money Income: Nothing Yet

Sex & Intimacy/ Drugs & Alcohol Questions

Etsii has sex once, but was used. Made Etsii reject potential future relationships.

Straight Edge / No toxins on planet

Single. No Kids/No Marriage. Bisexual.

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Sewing / Shopping / Modeling / Taking Pictures / Finding Hidden Gems

Closest friend: Kaljuju (toy rock)

Worst Enemy: Glorjv Dubleem (HighSchool Bully)

Music: Electronic / static tv

Food(on earth): Fav- pickles with chocolate dip / Hate- marshmallows

Drink(on earth): sparkling cider

Favorite time of day: Night, when all the stars come out

Favorite weather: Rain without Clouds

Annoyances: close-minded people / peaceful protests / yelling / people constantly talking on the cell phones / cat fights / ear wax

Morality Questions

Past Shame: Disappointing their Family/Father

Proud Past: Making very sparkly designs and being able to wear them out

Physical fight: Has fought, but lost terribly

Trait they wished they had: Charismatic

Hopeful about future / Redemption is possible, but only after lots of begging

Mindset: Remain calm & collected

Scared: Rips / Tears / Moths / Caterpillars / Asians (talent wise)

Not ticklish

Long-term goal: become famous on his planet and become a fashion icon

Short-term goal: show its ideas / get more fashion ideas from earth /

Bad Habits: Speaking before thinking


Envisioning Images

Turn Around & Render: Etsii in “travel to Earth outfit” Front & Back + Details

Variations: Multiple Fashionable/ Sparkling Outfits

Emotions: Eating Chocolate covered pickles / Ambitious with Kaljuju Rock Toy / Flipping hair over shoulder

Scenes: -Looking at destroyed fashion idea pieces / Dark Mood

-Jamming to static TV music / Retro Mood

-Etsii basking in sparkling clothes/items / Bright & Sparkly Mood

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