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Devil Spawn


Male - No Age - 5’2” - 125 lbs

Clumsy, Ditzy, Caring, Quirky, Trusting

An unintentional disastrous demon who tries to make the world a better place.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Lucifer IIV

Nickname: Kyle

Looks: Red Skin / Blue Eyes (wears contacts) / Puffy Cheeks (surgery to look more human) / Claws / Crooked Horns / Potbelly

Casual/Dress Down/Sleep Attire: Nude

Dress Up Attire: Suit Vest & Tie / No Pants

Best Feature: His Sweet Personality

Living Area: Earth / Underground / Huge, Hot Cave / Spruced up with color and frills to make it look more homey

Quote for Them: “An accidental disaster in every kind gesture he commits.”

Familial Questions

Family: Family believes Kyle is going through a phase of kindness

Father is the ultimate evil being in the world & is embarrassed by his son

Mother was a whore on Earth and is now burning in Hell.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Watching people being burned alive in his home

Favorite Toy: Human Corpse (his best friend)

Best Friend Growing up: Jimmy Chonga (his dead corpse)

Fondest Childhood Memory: Watching a bunch of carolers sing as being burned

Worst Childhood Memory: When father took away Jimmy Chonga for being too compassionate towards something.

Adolescent Questions

First Date: Never had a first date

View of Authority: Respects the law & Authority - Humane Laws

Idol: Gay’Von BunBuns - Kyle admired his attitude & positive spirit

Occupational Questions

Unemployed / No Money / No Real Responsibilities

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Doing Kind Favors

Music: Serenade / Classic / Country

Books: Romance Novels

TV: Guy Workout Channels (watches glutei workouts alot)

Annoyances: His Father

Food: Favorite: Cotton Candy / Hate: Peppers

Drinks: Apple Juice

Pets: His cat corpse, Fluffy

Embarrassing Things: His “Hell” Home / His Father

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Sex doesn’t matter to him / Single / Virgin / Bisexual (More Gay)

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: No marriage for future / Wants a dog, no kids

Past Relationships: Slightly with Jimmy Chonga, but it was never serious

Drug & Alcohol Questions

No Drugs & Alcohol - Straight Edge

Morality Questions

Regret: All the accidents he causes from his kind gestures. (2,498 to date, but.. who’s counting?)

Most Proud Of: His ambition and persistence of helping (regardless of the negative side effects)

Scared Of: Bed Bugs / Tickles

Thoughts on Crying: Freely expresses his sorrow emotions

Thoughts About Future: Hopeful it will be better

Responsibility To The World: Help everyone who needs it

Bad Habits: Clipping toe-nails all around home

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Help everyone he sees

Long-Term Goal: To create a better world

Any Other Background Information:

Kyle is pure of heart with only good intentions. He lacks a bit of common sense and a lot of brain cells, so some might perceive him as evil, when in reality, he is just an idiot.

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