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Demon Beauty


Female - Human/Goat Demon - 17 years - 5'6" 130lbs.

Smart, Free-Spirit, Brave, Outcast

*Amanda Byars (@ kittystarscream), the initial character idea creator.

A twist on the original Beauty and Beast, Belle character. Amanda thought of adding a twist to the story: incorporating different religions within the love story to add more depth to their “forbidden” love and a mixture of demon form within the characters. The religions reflecting a conflict between Paganism and Christianity. (Example, the religions perform sacrifices or obscene rituals that clash against one another beliefs.)

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Belle Brown

Nickname: Belle

Looks: Long Blonde Hair / Black Demon Horns & Tail / Pale Complexion / Black Eyes

Casual Attire: Green Dress / Blueish-Purplish Cape (@ waist) / Blue Pumps / Catholic Design Patterns

Dress Up Attire: Green Ball Gown / Dangly Diamond Necklace & Earrings / Catholic Design Patterns

Dress Down Attire: Long Cape / Catholic Design Patterns

Sleeping Attire: Light Long Overshirt / Catholic Design Patterns

Jewelry: Dark Earrings / Dark Rings / Catholic Design Patterns

Best Feature: Her smart personality and natural beauty.

Birthdate: September 22nd

Living Area: Small Cottage

Car/Transportation: Father’s Carriage Wagon / Horse

Most Prized Possession: Her religious childhood book

Familial Questions

Family: Father (inventor / caring / spacey)

Siblings: Two elder sisters (envious of Belle’s beauty)

Close Relatives: Father

Family Background: Mother died from childbirth / Father takes care of daughters, loves all of them equally / Elder sisters envious of Belle and blames her for Mother dying

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Reading on her very own

Favorite Toy: Her fathers “doll” creation

Favorite Game: Never really played with others / Outcast

Important Childhood People: Her Father - Inspired her to be herself

Best Friend Growing up: Her Dad

Fondest Childhood Memory: Exploring the library for new books

Worst Childhood Memory: Her sisters exploiting her book obsession to the neighborhood kids (looked down upon for girls to be intelligent)

Adolescent Questions

First Date: None

View of Authority: Will do what she believes is right, even if it breaks the rules

School Background: Outcast Nerd / Boys tried to woo her, but she passed on them

School Goals: Pass with impeccable grades and learn as much as she can

Idol: Her Father

Occupational Questions

Job: Library Part-Timer

Boss: Old Man / Witty / Slight Dementia / Kooky

Spends Money On: To help father with household payments

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Reading / Helping Father w Inventions / Practicing Prayers / Chewing on Cloth

Music: Birds chirping

Books: Fantasy/Adventure Books

Hang Out Spots: The forest meadow away from the town

Annoyances: People Judging / Papercuts / Having to File Horns

Perfect Gift: A New Book

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Wittiness & Creativity in Others

Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning

Weather: Hazy/Foggy

Food: Loves: Fresh Bread & Veggies / Hates: Sour Foods

Animals: Lambs & Birds

Embarrassing Things: Exposing Skin / Being Proven Wrong / Goat Tendencies

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Stubborn Attitude / Undying Persistence

If They Could Look Like Anyone/thing Else: Does not care for looks

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Straight / Single / Virgin / Straight-Edge

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Marriage & Kids in Future w Christian Man

Past Relationships: None

Morality Questions

Regret: Unintentionally killing mother in birth

Most Proud Of: Her intelligence

Scared Of: Her father passing / paganism extremists

Thoughts About Future: She will move away from the town and will own her own library full of mythical and adventurous books she creates.

Responsibility To The World: Create stories

Religion: Christianity

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Helping Father

Long-Term Goal: Own her own library of stories

Background Info: Belle grew up Christian and worships/prays daily. She is committed to her religion and is highly against Paganism. She is open-minded, but not about religions. She highly respects her father and stays faithful due to his faith. *The twist in the story that Amanda has thought up, is that Beast is Paganism and they fall in love.

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