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Dark Loli


Female - 8 years - 3’5” - 60 lbs

Quiet, Collected, Vengeful, Observant, Giggly

An evil loli with psychedelic powers ready to unleash her evil will to the world. With her supreme knowledge and lack of compassion, her one downfall resides in the fluffy, cuddly creatures, cats.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Lucy Lou

Nickname: Lucifer

Looks: Small Frame / Dark Eyes / Straight Black Hair in Pigtails / Pale Skin

Dress Up/Casual Attire: Dark Frilly Dress / Dark Cardigan / Cat Headband / Black Shoes / Black Tights

Sleeping Attire: Long Dark Night Gown / Cat Print / Fuzzy Cat Slippers

Best Feature: Long Black Hair

Birthdate: August 29th, Virgo

Living Area: US / Minnesota / Orphanage

Most Prized Possession: Her Intellect & Powers

Familial Questions

Family Background: Lucy made her Father & Mother commit suicide - She felt they were unfit parents due to their stupidity and lack of compassion.

Orphanage Family: She hates all the children that dwell with her. She sees no use for them in the future, and so makes them kill themselves.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Being able to move things with her mind.

Favorite Toy: Her Doll (Name: Doll) / Treats it like her real friend (no one else is competent)

Favorite Game: Eenie Meenie Minee Kill

Fondest Childhood Memory: The first time she went into someones mind and controlled their thoughts

Worst Childhood Memory: Being repositioned into orphanage

Adolescent Questions


Occupational Questions


Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Arts and Crafts / Practicing Powers

Closest Friend: Doll / Only one she can truly trust

Worst Enemy: Humanity

Music: Classic / Elegant

Books: Literatures / Horror / Encyclopedias

Hang Out Spots: Her Room

Annoyances: Ignorance / Stupidity / Compassion

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Mercy Begging & Groveling - Gets Giddy

Favorite Time of Day: Midnight

Weather: Clear / Disasters

Food: Loves: Squid + Candy / Hates: Prunes

Drinks: Likes: Tea

Animals: Loves Cats / Slightly Obsessed

Embarrassing Things: Her Love for Cats / Her Lack of Emotions

Sex & Intimacy Questions


Drug & Alcohol Questions


Morality Questions

Scared Of: Harming Cats

Thoughts About Future: It will be taken over by her with some useful servants

Responsibility To The World: Get rid of scum and idiots

Religion: She is a God (to herself)

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Get rid of unnecessary people around her

Long-Term Goal: Take over world (secret: and have lots of cats)

Any Other Background Information:

When Lucy is upset with someone, she will make them kill themselves, usually in gruesome ways. Her favorite way is to torture people to make them suffer slowly and painfully.

Lucy is obsessed with cats, regardless of their looks, colors, or size. She is immobilized with love for these cuddly and sweet creatures. Though she knows this idiotic weakness stops her at times, she still indulges in the felines love when she comes across them. She refuses to own a cat, since the very sight of them stops her in her tracks and weakens her.

Lucy admires compassion and emotions in others, but cannot feel it, so she lashes out in anger as she tries to understand what creates it.

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