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Colorful Fighter

Updated: Dec 5, 2019


Female - 15 years - 5’8” - 150 lbs

Dumb, Protective, Caring, Adventurous, Loving, Clumsy

Mat (@ mew.zacro) the initial character idea creator.

A fighter girl that can be a bit clueless at times, but her colorful personality makes up for it!

Personal Questions

Name: Thia Coloré

Nickname: Thia

Looks: Green Hair w Buns / Medium Skin Tone / Bright Vivid Colors All the Time / Curvy Features

Casual Attire: Colorful / Traditional Chinese Dress (cheongsam/qipao) / Mixture with skirt (for when she’s fighting) / Fingerless Gloves / Boots / Thigh High Weapon Holders / Fighting - Quarter Staff & Knife

Dress Up Attire: Traditional Chinese Dress (cheongsam/qipao) / Heels

Dress Down Attire: Kimono-Romper / Traditional Chinese Patterns / Small Pumps

Sleeping Attire: Comfy Crop Top & Short Bottoms / Traditional Chinese Patterns / Thigh High Socks

Jewelry: Colorful Earrings

Best Feature: Colorful Personality

Birthdate: August 22nd, Leo

Living Area: Forest Village / Homey, Decorative Cottage

Car/Transportation: Colorful Offroad Scooter

Most Prized Possession: Quarter Staff & Knife Weapons

Familial Questions

Family: Father Left / Mother (caring / absentminded / messy)

Siblings: 7 younger siblings

Close Relatives: Everyone in village is like family.

Family Background: Father left family to be fighter, Father taught Thia how to fight. Father believed it was cowardly to hide, always ran to the front and attacked, though, he was always defeated. Thia admired his determination, follows in his foot steps - constantly fails at fighting.

Mother stays at home taking care of kids all day. Mostly sits around, smiles, and sips tea while the kids destroy the house and scream all day. Mother takes care of them, but is fairly spacey most the time. Mother supports Thia.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Watching her father practice fighting

Favorite Toy: Her plastic nunchucks

Favorite Game: Hit the Target - Throwing objects at Bullseye

Important Childhood People: Father

Fondest Childhood Memory: Getting into her first fight

Worst Childhood Memory: Breaking her nunchuck toy

Adolescent Questions

First Date: Being introduced to iced tea and totally forgetting about the person she was on a date with.

View of Authority: If she thinks it’s right, she will do it

School Background: Barely Passed Grades (positive attitude helped teachers feel bad enough to pass her)

School Goals: Become the best fighter in her school

Idol: Her Father

Occupational Questions

Job: Adventurer Quests

Boss: Adventurer Admin (nice, small committee group), they give Thia multiple chances because of her positive attitude. She usually fails at them, but once in a great moon she will accomplish them!

Spends Money On: Iced Tea & Snacks

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Questing / Practicing Fighting Techniques

Friends: Her loving siblings / School Friends

Worst Enemy: Emio (Black Hair / Dark Clothes / Pale Skin) - Emio doesn’t know they’re enemies, but Thia dislikes them because of their “dark” aura.

Music: Electronic / Rave

Hang Out Spots: Backyard - Fighting Practice Spot

Annoyances: Fading Hair Color / Un-openable Snack Bags

Perfect Gift: Hair Dyes / Foods / Drinks

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Colorful Items / Fresh Ice Tea

Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon (when she wakes up)

Weather: Sunny / Rainbows

Food: Loves: Snacks (pudding/chips/candies) / Hates: Black Foods

Drinks: Loves: Iced Tea / Hates: Coffee

Animals: Toucans

Relaxing Activities: Napping

Embarrassing Things: Sounding Dumb (she never feels this way though) / Hair Buns Coming Out

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Her gut she’s forming

If They Could Look Like Anyone/thing Else: A Rainbow Crayon

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Lesbian / Not Virgin / Multiple Friends w Benefits (not a whore, just lovey)

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Marriage Doesn’t Matter / Maybe a few kids in future

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Has drunk alcohol & done drugs (XTC / Pot / Mushrooms)

Does not do regularly.

Morality Questions

Regret: Bad hair dye mix idea that made her hair black one time.

Most Proud Of: Her determination and persistence

Fights: Lots of fights / Won a very few amount (lucky circumstances)

Scared Of: Expired Snack Bags / “Dark” People (people that wear all black)

What makes them Cry: Spilt Iced Tea / Split ends

Thoughts About Future: Be the BEST adventurer/fighter in her village!

Responsibility To The World: To defend people in Village (there’s nothing to protect from, very safe)

Religion: Buddhism (but doesn’t practice)

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Win all fights and matches. Complete every quest.

Long-Term Goal: Be village defender.

Any Other Background Information:

Thia admires karate and fighter moves, so that is why she chooses to wear Chinese traditional prints. She admires their practices and culture as well and respects it greatly.

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