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Cleanfreak Gloop


Male - 24 years - 7’2” - 450 lbs

OCD, Dull, Responsible, Slightly Shy

A responsible Gloop Monster who is slightly obsessed with organization and keeping things clean.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: George Gloop

Nickname: Georgee

Looks: Big Gloopy Blue Blob / Body & Arms / Green Eyes / Jello Consistency

Casual Attire: Nude / Hair Cap / Yellow Gloves

Dress Up Attire: Bow-Tie / Cap

Dress Down/Sleeping Attire: Nude

Best Feature: His Compassion

Birthdate: March 11, Pisces

Living Area: Monster World / Small Apt / Shares w 9 Siblings

Car/Transportation: Smart Car / 2 seats he takes up

Most Prized Possession: Cleaning Supply Closet

Familial Questions

Family: No Father / Mother - Handicapped / Grumpy / Unsupportive

Siblings: 9 Siblings (6 brothers, 3 sisters) - All young & full of energy

George is always running around the house - Changing Diapers / Making Meals / Cleaning up Messes

Family Background: Father left once first kid came. Due to an accident that George believes he committed, his mother became handicapped from it. From then, she has used his guilty conscious and taken advantage of him.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Picking up his Mother’s mess

Favorite Toy: Paper Towel Roll

Fondest Childhood Memory: Making his mother happy with his cleaning

Worst Childhood Memory: Causing the accident that made his mother handicapped

Adolescent Questions

First Date: Sarah Fluff (wild, funny, pretty, popular) - Went to carnival (wasn’t actually a date, just a hangout, but George disagrees) They have been friends for awhile, he has been in love since he first saw her.

View of Authority: Respects Authority / Follows Rules

High School Background: Shy / Normal-Loser Crowd / Good Kid

High School Goals: Pursue Sarah / Good Grades

Favorite Memory: Meeting Sarah

Worst Memory: Sarah meeting his Mother - Mother thought Sarah was a smut

Occupational Questions

Job: Supervisor at Fast Food Facility - Awful wage (less than $10/hr)

Boss: Uncaring / Cheapskate / Lazy

Co-Workers: Young / High Turn-Around / Unenthusiastic

Spends Money On: Bills to help support family - Mother doesn’t work - George never gets enough to save up, usually in debt

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Cleaning (not really any free time)

Closest Friend: Rob Bill, Employee - Encourages George to do things for himself

Worst Enemy: Caesar Fang (High School Bully)

Music: Country / Rock / Rap (secretly)

Books: Bedtime Stories (for siblings)

TV: Usually cartoons (for siblings) / Reality TV

Annoyances: Messes / Complainers

Perfect Gift: New Cleaning Supplies

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Sarah Smiling

Favorite Time of Day: Morning

Weather: Sunny / Clear Sky

Food: Favorite: Lobster / Hates: Mac & Cheese

Drinks: Like: Water / Beer

Relaxing Activities: Sleeping / Mopping

Embarrassing Things: Messy Home / Stinking

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Has Experience w Sex / Single / Straight

Perfect Romantic Date/ Fantasy: Cleaning a old rustic apt that Sarah and him bought together and sprucing it up with their personal belongings.

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Wants to marry Sarah / Have kids with her

Past Relationships: A few casual flings from time to time, but none compared to Sarah

Drug & Alcohol Questions

No Casual Drugs / Drinks Beers at Local Bar

Past with Drugs & Alcohol: Drank little from time to time (normal adolescence years) / Experimented with mushrooms in college (crazy night)

Morality Questions

Regret: Handicapping his mother

Most Proud Of: His ability to keep his family afloat

Personal Fights: His Boring Life / Helping his Mother & Family

Scared Of: Bugs / Filth / Hospitals

What makes them Cry: Dirty messes he just picked up

Thoughts About Future: It will get better / Hard-times first

Responsibility To The World: Just be another pawn / Hard working man

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Help mother out with daily necessities and slowly get her to progress on her own

Long-Term Goal: Save money and get own home / Marry his love, Sarah

Any Other Background Information:

George is a mostly bland and boring gloop, but has an incredibly caring heart. He may seem boring and unenthusiastic on the outside, but he’s mostly tired from triple shifts, helping his 9 siblings, and constantly worrying about bills. George is depressed at heart, since he wants to live a “normal life” by marrying the love of his life, have a proud and functioning mother, and having a consistently clean house without worrying about it every moment.

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