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Assassin Girl


Female - 22 years - 5’4” - 115 lbs

Reserved, Clumsy, Spontaneous, Great-Shot when Focused, Follower

A top ranked AA Corp assassin who looks for her missing father.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Faye Addersin

Looks: Dark brown, inverted bob haircut / Pointy Narrow Eyes / Scars throughout Body / Skinny / Tattoos on Arms

Casual Attire: Dark Attire / Skinny Jeans / Hoody / Combat Boots / Oversized Belt

Dress Up Attire: Dark Attire / Long sleek dress w slit on side / Heels

Dress Down Attire: Dark Attire / Cargo Pants / Tank top

Sleeping Attire: Dark Set / Shorts / Tank top

Jewelry: An Anklet with her dads photo

Best Feature: Assassin Skills

Birthdate: January 19th, Capricorn

Living Area: Earth / Europe / Slum Parts / Lives Underground

Car/Transportation: Old Car / Still works / Helps to blend in

Most Prized Possession: Weapon / Chained together Mini Twin Katanas

Familial Questions

Family: No Mother / Adopted by Father [Father: Assassin / Protective / Caring / Thorough]

Siblings: No Siblings

Family Background: Father started teaching Faye how to assassinate at age 8. (Was very hesitant at first, but gave in since she admired him so greatly) She completed her very first mission by herself at age 13. By age 16 she was doing her own missions.

Childhood Questions

First Memory: Seeing her dad soaked in blood tucking her into bed.

Favorite Toy: Fake ninja stars w outfit set

Favorite Game: Ninja Tag

Important Childhood People: Before her father opened up to Faye about his assassin life, their Nanny was like a parent to Faye. The Nanny helped with homework and social problems.

Best Friend Growing up: Gabriel Mitchell (Gabe): Flexible / Determined / Good-Natured

Fondest Childhood Memory: Her father opening up to her about his assassin lifestyle and teaching her his ways.

Worst Childhood Memory: The day her Nanny died from a car accident (around 9-10 yrs old).

Adolescent Questions

First Date: Never went on one

View of Authority: Faye obeys her fathers laws / rules more than the actual law. She believes her father’s way is the right way.

High School Background: Quiet & reserved, just one friend. She was considered a gothic/emo girl since she never really talked or hung out after school. Her friend Gabe hangs out with her - her neighbor.

High School Goals: Get good grades and pass fast so she can focus on what she really enjoys.

Idol: Her Father

Favorite Memory: Her first kill (age 13) - A local killer.

Worst Memory: Her dad disappearing (age 19) and not knowing where he went or what happened.

Occupational Questions

Job: Assassin @ Assassin Agency Corporation (AA Corp)

She was hired with thanks to her father / Job consists of underground work of the Police (gathering research / torture / getting justice)

Boss: Big Man / Serious & Strict / Admire Faye’s ambition & talent

Co-Workers: Mostly lazy and sick of their job, there for the money. They tease Faye about her ambition for justice - she ignores them.

Layne Suboos (assassin fr-enemy) - anxious, clever, determined (in competition w/ her)

Spends Money On: Necessity items / Tools & Resources to find father

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Training

Closest Friend: Gabe. He is always doing whatever he can to help Faye out, even though Faye doesn’t think she needs help. (Secretly Gabe likes her a lot)

Worst Enemy: Layne and Faye are always competing in the agency to have the rank as the best assassin. (Secretly Layne likes her a lot)

Music: Hardcore Metal / Rock -to get her in the assassin mood, Some rap - she heard it for years growing up/ became accustomed, classic music - likes the peace and tranquility in it

TV: News

Hang Out Spots: In Apartment / Neighborhood Streets

Annoyances: Harassment / Ignorance

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Getting the perfect shot

Favorite Time of Day: Nighttime

Weather: Likes Rain / Cloudy Weather

Food: Love - Pasta / Hates - Candy

Drinks: Loves - Milk / Hates - Soda

Animals: Wolves & Tigers

Relaxing Activities: Watching CSI / Talking to Gabe

Embarrassing Things: Nudity / Tripping / Missing Target

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Impatience / Clumsiness

If They Could Look Like Anyone/thing Else: More Curvy / Bigger Breasts

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Straight / Virgin / Single

Perfect Romantic Date/ Fantasy: Cliche - Falling in love with a villain she is about to assassinate and him swooning her. They wind up going to a romantic dinner with snails and cheeses and end the night with wine by the fire, laying on animal fur rug.

Marriage/Kids Thoughts: Faye isn’t certain if she ever wants to get married, but possibly have kids so she can train them too and show them the wonders of assassinating.

Drug & Alcohol Questions

No Drugs / Goes to bar with Gabe

Straight age when younger.

Morality Questions

Regret: Letting her impatience get the best of her and killing a suspect before he told her vital information.

Most Proud Of: Killing her first villain by herself.

Scared Of: Faye is a little concerned about how relaxed she gets after killing her suspects, since she understands that it is not completely normal.

What makes them Cry: Her Nightmares / She will not cry in front of others

Pessimistic about the future

Responsibility to the world is to rid it of all the scum.

Believes in a higher figure, but not sure who it is - not too religious

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Finding Father

Long-Term Goal: Find her true love / have assassin babies / live the house-wife life with assassination in her downtime

Any Other Background Information:

Faye’s father created their home underground in the slum part of the city, so they would be able to get practice and enhance their skills on the appropriate people.

Faye’s weapon (Chained together Mini Twin Katana) was given to her from her father. It is her most prized possession, therefore she always uses it on missions.

*Idea for further concept:

Faye finds out, while looking for her father, that he is actually the bad guy and had assassinated good people for years. He tried to change his ways, but failed, so he pursued with Faye, so that she could follow the righteous path that he fell off. Just realizing, with all the pieces coming together, Faye is conflicted about how she feels about everything she’s done thus far and who her father really is.

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