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Binky's are bunnies that love to dress up and help brighten up peoples days. 

Binky's is a special brand that is focused around presenting cute creations with educational information to support the welfare of rabbits. Within each creation, our purpose is to create smiles, a learning experience, and a sparkly feeling inside, helping one rabbit at a time. 

Our company specializes in mostly digital creations, while we hope to branch out to lots of character merchandise in the future, specializing in plushies, apparel, and figurines. With these specific goals in mind, we also plan to donate a certain percentage to local rabbit shelters across the globe with any profits we make.


Each Binky is special and unique. Each has their own personality and personal attire that they love to dress in. Learn about each Binky and find out which one is your fav!

Follow us on our INSTAGRAM to learn more about each Binky!

Meet the Binky's!

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